Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why pray?  Shouldn't I be out helping those that need help? 

We believe the first order of business, for all believers, is to grow in the place of prayer.  One term used in Scripture calls it the secret place.  The secret place is the place within our being where God's Word takes root and where God's desires are birthed on earth as they are in Heaven.


As an example, look at some of the revivals of the last 300 years and you will find intercessors like Rees Howells, Frank Bartleman, David Brainerd, Daniel Nash, and so many others.  All of these intercessors were deeply committed to a lifestyle of prayer.  The prayers of these men (and women) paved the way for revivals all across the globe.  A lifestyle of prayer does many things, but three that stand out are:


1.  It causes us to labor and travail in birth for what God desires.  We begin to grow in our ability to see the church and our city as our Heavenly Father does because we are praying for the church and our city as opposed to criticizing them from our earthly viewpoints.  (Gal. 4:19, Isaiah 11:1-4)  

2.  It teaches us to wait on Him.  We fix our gaze towards Heaven and in doing this we truly begin to know Him more intimately in our hearts, and we encounter Him in ways He created us for.  We begin to transition in learning to live a life after the Spirit and not after the flesh.  

3. As we receive our marching orders by the Holy Spirit,  we become a sent people being about our Father's business (Acts 1:14 - Acts 2:41,  Psalm 133:1-3).  He must dwell in us individually and then together as His Body in brokenness and hunger recognizing our need for Him; in humility and faith recognizing His greatness in us who believe and abiding in His name (person).  


God has much for His Body to do in our world in bringing healing to the broken and wounded but it all starts in the place of prayer, as we prepare the way of the Lord.


2. What should I pray for? 

We are watchmen on the wall (Isaiah 62:6) and in the spirit of the "Lords Prayer" (Matt. 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4) we can pray for:
- Pray for congregations in our region (including yours)
- Pray for your pastor, your church leadership, and the pastors of this community
- Pray for the broken, the wounded, the poor, our homeless population, for those in prison.
- Pray for the elderly, the infirmed.
- Pray for your local public servants .. police officers, firefighters, and elected officials
- Pray for the troops stationed at home and abroad
- Pray for our veterans
- Pray for our local school systems.  Pray for our teachers!  Pray for our young people.
- Pray for the communities you live in, your family and friends.
- Pray for our judicial system
- Pray for those suffering with depression
- Pray for the mentally challenged and disabled
- Pray for the state of Virginia
- Pray for our Nation.
- Pray for President Barack Obama
- Pray for the Supreme Court
- Pray for the nations
- Pray against social injustices anywhere they exist
- Pray against human trafficking
- Pray for the ending of abortion
- Pray for race relations
- Pray for friends battling diseases like cancer and Aids
- Pray for missionaries you know or that your church supports


3. What church are you? 

We aren't a local church.  We are folks like you who are part of a local fellowship.  We are a group  from all over this community and from many different local churches who are joining together to worship and pray.  We are joining together with Jesus Christ our Great High Priest in agreement with His desire to see a spirit of prayer capture His children and to see awakening in our communities to the hope of His glorious gospel.
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